Mini Himejijo Satisfies Creator’s Gojira Dreams


Himejijo, Himeji Castle, is an amazing sight. When you exit the train station, you are greeted by a long street lined with trees that lead up to the castle footsteps. Comprising 83 wooden buildings with the current keep being built in 1601, it was rebuilt after numerous incidents by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Apparently a Mr. Hiroyasu Imura was so smitten by the castle that he has spent 19 years pursuing his boyhood dream of faithfully producing a replica of Himeji Castle in his home in Ise. Let’s just say, he has put a fuckton of work into this model. His pictures though just make it seem like he would like to knock this bitch over for eating away at his life for so long.

In English. In Japanese. In Mothra.

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