Ramen, The Final Frontier

Ramen in Space

On the show Star Trek or Star Wars or Star Anything, the future seems like a desolate, dessicated viscera of the culinary body that is alive today. They are always eating some bland block of grey matter X or soylent green. In those futures, America is the driving force towards this impeding doom.

The Japanese have stepped up, not in the future but today, with 29 Japanese food products that have been Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) certified from 12 manufacturers to go on the menu at the ISS (International Space Station). Featuring goodies such as instant ramen, curry, onigiri (rice balls) and powdered green tea, taste will now be able to rejoice while out in the cold, harsh vacuum of space.

Kitsune-udon Onegai Simasu!

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