Human Bodies Are Not Meant to Go 2,500 MPH

Space Diving

You give your parachute straps a reassuring pat. It’s utterly silent. Just you and your fragile body, hovering alone above the Earth. “Space Diver One, you are go,” crackles a voice in your ear, and you undo your harness and stand up. There’s nothing for it now: You paid a lot of money for this.

That silence is the world calling you a moron. Although intriguing, re-entering the atmosphere for fun sans spaceship doesn’t sound like a vacation to me. But the dudes at Orbital Outfitters are not looking into this technology for just fun, but also for use due to spaceship failure. In that case I rather risk the plunge into the stratosphere than die floating around the blue marble. I don’t want some alien finding my frozen body and probing my corpse.

“You are go for reentry.”

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