WTW: Tumiki Fighters

Tumiki Fighters

Take Gradius, Tetris, and Super Paper Mario. Now smash them together. If you didn’t screw up, you end up with Tumiki Fighters. If you did, then you probably have quite the mess to clean up. A shooter from Japan, a SHMUP if you will, that combines colorful, blocky design with a great side-scrolling shooter.

As usual, this WTW is free for download. I don’t know what it is with Asians and making awesome games for free but keep it up. If this were American made, it would of been killed by lawsuits and stupidity. That’s what happens when you let lawyers rampantly breed as they have. America has over 1 million. Now I am off to sue Applebee’s for only giving me 5 riblets instead of the menu stated 6. I demand satisfaction.

Hai, dozo.

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