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Storm Trooper Cuts a Rug in Akibahara

July 5, 2007

Dancing Trooper

Danny Choo is a man who has free time to do what he wants. From his awesome site that covers the happenings of Akibahara, Tokyo, he also finds time to do other things such as dressing up as a Star Wars storm trooper. And then dancing all over the place. Intersections, crosswalks, with tranny maids. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

When I was in Tokyo, I did the ritualistic visit to Akibahara that is required by all nerds who are alive. It is our Mecca, our cradle of life, our holy land. Nothing is out of the question there, if you can think of it, you can probably find it in Akibahara. But nothing is cheap there. Shit was mad expensive, since everyone is a nerd, they all realize that copy of Maximum Carnage for the Genesis is worth money hence the $900 price tag.

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