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We Are The Strange is FUCKED UP!

July 9, 2007

We Are The Strange

I have not been this excited ever for an independent art film. But I can’t help it with this tag line:

Monsters, Inc. meets The Nightmare Before Christmas inside of a retro Japanese video game.

A blending of animation styles that fuse stop motion, CG artwork, and blue screen effects, We Are The Strange has garnered attention at Sundance as an Official Selection. Coming from the mind of M dot Strange, he calls this film “Str8nime” (pronounced Stray-knee-may), the term being a mix of “Strange”, “8-Bit”, and “Anime”. He also spares no production quality as it is 94 minutes of 2:35:1 in full HD 1080p. Also in an act of showing how progressive he is, the full movie will be released online come August 2007.

My dreams have come to the screen.


YouTube is For LoRes Pansies, Welcome Stage6

July 9, 2007


When Time magazine pussied out and named YouTube/You as the person of the year, I was saddened. It was not like Lonelygirl16 did anything other than emo cry about crap. But I guess that is what people like. Well at least now you can watch those crappy “I bleed for you my 16 year old love” videos in HD with Stage6.

Using the DivX Web Player which supports DivX high definition (HD) video, Stage6 is streaming out content that doesn’t make your eyes bleed. You are left with a crisp, refreshing video instead of the blur. So no more guessing is that long, black haired person a hot girl or a disturbingly feminine guy. You will see clear as day that you are attracted to dudes.


Get Old School With Steampunk Watch

July 9, 2007

Steampunk Watch

I like watches yet I don’t wear one. I think it looks weird on me since I don’t wear one and to break that I would have to wear one. Talk about a vicious cycle. Coming in from our favorite country, these steampunk watches are sure to get you either noticed or arrested.

Featuring the guts of Seiko watches, my favorite brand, these classy pieces are almost museum quality. It is as if they were recovered from a lost time “where people throw ducks at balloons and nothing is the way it seems.” I sadly know that I could never pull of one these on my wrist. One person would see that and call me a douchebag. I would then cry my manhood away.

Tis half on the rooster’s caw.