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Americans Should Never Cosplay

July 11, 2007

Americans Should Never Cosplay

If you read MaoChan you probably know what Cosplay is. You probably know as well what bad cosplay is, you know what I am talking about. It’s that fat girl in a skin tight outfit or that dude who thought looking like a tranny was cool. Well guess what it’s not. Americans essentially have lost their right to dress up until they can clean up their act. That shit is gross sometimes.

The above image is of 2 actual people. That insanely accurate Tifa on the left isn’t a screen capture from Advent Children or anything. The one on the right is real, hence your retinas are scarred now. If you excuse me, I am off to vomit in disgust.

Stupid Americans. 1,2,3,4


Marc The Litter Guy

July 11, 2007

Good Hobo

Here is a story that involves a hobo-esque man and yet ends well. In Toronto, that’s in Canada to you dumbasses, lives Marc who is a 30 year old day laborer. He finally got tired of lining up at 4am for work that wasn’t guaranteed so he started his own modified panhandling. Rather than just begging for money like all those other sorry bitches, Marc started picking up trash.

With a sign on his back, Marc cleans up the city and never asks people directly for money. The bags are donated by local companies and every day he collects up about 80 bags worth of trash. On some days the money is bad but on others he says he makes up to $10 an hour. Not too shabby for a dirty fellow.

“Cuz the garbage man can.”

Futureshock Knows How to Pop ‘N Lock

July 11, 2007

If only I could dance like this, I wouldn’t have to work. I would dress like a robotic hobo from the future who dances with his biddle for nickels. Once the act caught on, I would move into the big time in NYC and finally have my own movie made. Everyone would clap at the premier of Robo-Hobo Fights For Freedom: The Revenge of The Sexy Chicks Part 2. I think I have my life all mapped out now.

Incase you were wondering, the song is by Futureshock called Late at Night. They have a very edgy sound and have worked with the likes of Hybrid and Underworld. Very good music lads.