Marc The Litter Guy

Good Hobo

Here is a story that involves a hobo-esque man and yet ends well. In Toronto, that’s in Canada to you dumbasses, lives Marc who is a 30 year old day laborer. He finally got tired of lining up at 4am for work that wasn’t guaranteed so he started his own modified panhandling. Rather than just begging for money like all those other sorry bitches, Marc started picking up trash.

With a sign on his back, Marc cleans up the city and never asks people directly for money. The bags are donated by local companies and every day he collects up about 80 bags worth of trash. On some days the money is bad but on others he says he makes up to $10 an hour. Not too shabby for a dirty fellow.

“Cuz the garbage man can.”

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2 Comments on “Marc The Litter Guy”

  1. musixist Says:

    His name is actually Mark with a ‘k”.
    Srtangely enough, people only focus on the $10 per hour day part, but in reality that happens only once in a blue moon for him.
    More often, he gets only $10 to $20 or absolutely nothnig for the entire day.

    I have helped Mark setup a couple of blogs, a place where he can express freely about his daily encounters and experiences.

    The other one is about his opinions, ideas and dialogue.

    Just in case you’re wondering, no he doesn’t have a computer and he doesn’t know how to type.
    He writes down all his thoughts on papers, I help him type and post on his blogs.

  2. musixist Says:

    To all the nice folks out there, if you would like to help Mark the Litter Guy, I am in contact with him on a regular basis, feel free to email me with any questions, help, suggestions or ideas, I am more than happy to pass it along.

    If you are business owner, your shop, building, or know of “a litter hotspots” in the downtown Toronto area that could be serviced by Mark the Litter Guy, please let me know, I am sure Mark would be happy to help.

    Right now, I would like to help Mark get a pair of prescription glasses, so if anyone out there know someone or is willing to donate their services (or exchange for Mark’s services) as an optometrist, please email me.

    If you are curious how our friendship started, you can read it here.

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