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YTMND: Minesweeper

July 17, 2007


Here is a cool YTMND that despite not referencing standard internet meme, is actually neat and original. It probably also ate up a good amount of the creator’s time to boot.

Interesting thing about minesweeper is that it was that it did not originate as a crappy windows game that people played at work. It started out in the 1950’s as a bar game where you would have a paper/cardboard playing field where you manually punched out the numbers. By not punching the bombs, you eventually would win and could turn it in to the establishment for money. Sure beats the usual game of who can slip a chick the most roofies without her knowing it.

A Bomb!?! FUCK!


Short & Sweet on How to Decant Wine

July 17, 2007

Wine Decanter

As many of you know MaoChan is an ardent devotee of beer, having sampled about 350 different beers from around the world at this point. I long for the new conquest, the latest discovery. As I have exhausted most resources, I have turned my sights on wine. Wine is a world in which one can get lost for a lifetime and never experience it all. Flavors, aromas, colors, pungency. All things that tingle the senses and play on your feelings.

What most people don’t realize is there are rules to properly drinking a fine wine. From temperature to light exposure, these factors play into a wine’s overall taste. One thing some wines require is the act of decanting. This aeration of the wine helps unlock aromas and for older wines serves as a sleek presentation method that also removes sediment. These few rules will have you looking like a snob in no time.

“Quite exquisite madam.”

Paint Portraits Easily With Mr. Picassohead

July 17, 2007

Picasso Head

Today is a fancy day here with art and high culture and what better way than with your very own Picasso painting. Over at Mr. Picassohead, you can build out a Picasso inspired portrait using their interactive interface. Also cool is that you can browse the gallery and check out other people’s creations as well and see how uncreative you are compared to them.

Some of the ones in the gallery are actually artistic and cool looking while most are autistic and crap looking. I don’t know what it is with pretentious art folks but they need to realize that most “art” sucks. I am sorry but that minimalist, avant garde rendition of a blank white canvas is not dadaist or anything, it is crap you are pawning off as real art. Stop insulting them and yourself.

A pretty little tree.