Dork Casts Virgin Forever-oosa With Harry Potter Computer “Spells”

Harr Potter Virgin

In what is to be a surefire way to guarantee that this man never sees a vagina, he has hooked up his computer to respond to voice commands that control his computer. But never would a 1337 h4xxz0r like him use english, such as “Open Internet” for example. He uses Harry Potter derived “spells” to do so.

Now I am not saying that Harry Potter is for sexless dorks, even I enjoy the movies. That’s right, even the sex machine MaoChan enjoys Potter. But could you imagine a girl’s reaction to this when he is sitting there yelling out retarded commands to just turn on iTunes. You gotta do it slick like I do with one finger snap. The lights go down and the Barry White turns on. OOOHHH BABY!!

Wanna See My Wand?

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