YTMND: Black People Love Kool-Aid


It might be the advertising speaking but according to Kraft, the makers, black people really like Kool-Aid…A LOT! Maybe it is the sweet flavor, the bright colors, or the fact that for 25 cents you end up with a ton of delicious liquid to imbibe. But why do they like it? Even Yahoo Answers has tried to tackle the question. Over at Urban Dictionary this breakdown:

The universal drink of the ghetto.
Comes in many flavors such as grape, cherry, blueberry etc, but known to the ghetto natives as red, purple, etc.

All I know is that with some grits and chicken, grape Kool-Aid rocks. Gotta love growing up in the South.


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One Comment on “YTMND: Black People Love Kool-Aid”

  1. iankenshi Says:

    grits, chicken and Kool-Aid? Those are just stereotypes, and your’e helping perpetuate them….

    (btw…you forgot watermelons 0_0!)

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