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Rice Paddy Paintings Are Pretty

July 19, 2007

Rice Paddies

While some suckers paint by number and use pigments, the real hardcore use growing rice as their palette. In the town of Inakadate in the Aomori prefecture, the people create giant murals of art within their growing rice paddies. This is done by also growing purple and yellow-leafed kodaimai rice along with their local green-leafed tsugaru-roman variety.

This isn’t the first year that they have done this, with other pictures ranging from fighting ninjas to ukiyo-e style pictures. This year it is the famous woodblock prints of Hokusai’s 36 Views of Mount Fuji, one of Japan’s most iconic and easily recognized pictures. They wanted to my portrait but it ended up looking so hot that all the rice cooked itself.

Got Rice Bitch?


Reenacting XKCD On Thrill Rides

July 19, 2007


We covered XKCD awhile ago, the comic is a hilarious mix of math, relationship, and random jokes. One joke was setting up a chess board so when on an amusement park ride, it would look like you are playing chess.

Apparently people everywhere are getting into this, sneaking cameras and chess boards onto thrill rides. Some photos are better than others but kudos for trying. You won’t see one from me, as I am a chicken too manly for those rides. Last time I went, I just used some butter on my feet and skated on the rails. It wasn’t that fun surprisingly.

And Mate.

Poof! And Your Turds Stink No More

July 19, 2007

Poof Poop

When I was at college, I had a roommate that could peel the paint off the walls with the death stench he emanated from his bowels. I once had to follow in his footsteps and trust me when I say this, I learned my lesson the first time. If only he had some Poof!

Splash a few drops of Poof! in the bowl before the gates to hell open and you will no longer have to deal with offensive turd odor. The one flaw in the product is that if you are chronic farter when you defecate, then the odor will still be freed into the wild but you won’t have to contend with poop-born smells. AHHH! That’s the smell of victory.

“My anus is bleeding.”