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WTW: Rose & Camellia

July 20, 2007

Rose & Camellia

Today is a doubleshot WTW with Rose & Camellia from NIGORO. The idea behind R&C is that…. oh who cares what the point is, the game is a fast paced bitch-slap-athon. I don’t know about you but two chicks fighting is HOT!! Controls are simple, there is even english to help you out.

As with all Asian games, they are weird. I mean who thinks to themselves, “let’s make a flash game that features Victorian era ladies slapping each other.” All I know is that it is surprisingly fun and that I keep getting my ass handed to me on a doiley. Damn Olga woman has a mean backhand.

“What did the 5 fingers say to the face?”


Cardboard Chā Shāo Bāo Story Might Be A Hoax

July 20, 2007


We covered here the cardboard filled buns in China. Well turns out that a Beijing TV reporter might have made it all up. OOPSY!

He is currently be detained by police for lying, reporting false news, and being a cockface.

Gomen Nasai.

Japanese Pizza Hut Knows Pizza

July 20, 2007

Japanese Pizza

In Japan, everything is game when in it comes to topping a pizza. Tuna? OK! Mayo? Why not. Corn & Beets? Sure thing boss. Most of the time these can seem pretty gross to foreigners such as the Tuna, Corn, Squid, Mayo, Seaweed pizza. But other times they are the culmination of cultural mixing at its high point.

In the ad above is for the Double Roll. It is the extreme version of a Stuffed Crust Pizza, where the crust has cheese and sausages in it. They then top the pizza with peas, corn and miniature hamburger patties. Could life get any more tasty? The only catch is the average pizza in Japan is a $30US affair each so you better like whatever the fuck weirdness you order, cuz Daddy can’t afford to buy another.

I choose you PIZZAMON!

i-SOBOT So Cute

July 20, 2007


What is going into the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest robot? The i-SOBOT is! Powered by 3 AAA ENELOOP batteries and harnessing the power of 17 servo-motors, i-SOBOT is a fully functional robot in the vain of ASIMO but without the multi-million dollar price tag.

A Sanyo and TOMY product, he will be controlled remotely and also via vocal commands (up to 10). It will be on sale October 2007 for 30000 Yen, roughly $300 corrupt American dollars. In America he will only come in black and in 2008. 2008 is the year of my robot army and the year of your discontent.

Kill All Humans.

WTW: Korean Ass Fixation

July 20, 2007

Korean Butt Game

There is something about buttholes and gaming that Koreans find inseparable. I would like to say that this flash game is the only anus related game to come out of Korea but it is not. They have a long standing tradition of playing with the o-ring that garnered attention in the form of Boong-Ga Boong-Ga.

As for this game who’s name is either Chimgam or Circle Line Circle Triangle Line. You are a dude in a unitard dodging shit and fingering poop chutes. Sounds like my usual Sunday morning. At church. Pastor O’Kelly says I am God’s lamb.

“Right in the pooper.”

McDonald’s Around The World

July 20, 2007

Mc Mango Pie

In America, McDonald’s doesnt try very hard. I remember when I was in Phoenix in April, I saw an ad for what is normally called a “Texas Double” being sold as the “Southwest Double”. They didn’t even try and change it, just the name on the ad. In other parts of the world they actually change the food to fit the local customs.

Above is a picture of a Mango Pie from Japan. I remember when I was there, the new Ebi Filet-O (shrimp patty) with wasabi mayo was the new fad. I missed out on the MegaMac (4 pattys of beef) unfortunately, but then again I didn’t travel to the other side of the world to eat an American burger, I went for the raw horse and dead baby meat….. oh who am I kidding, I was there for dead baby meat.