Japanese Pizza Hut Knows Pizza

Japanese Pizza

In Japan, everything is game when in it comes to topping a pizza. Tuna? OK! Mayo? Why not. Corn & Beets? Sure thing boss. Most of the time these can seem pretty gross to foreigners such as the Tuna, Corn, Squid, Mayo, Seaweed pizza. But other times they are the culmination of cultural mixing at its high point.

In the ad above is for the Double Roll. It is the extreme version of a Stuffed Crust Pizza, where the crust has cheese and sausages in it. They then top the pizza with peas, corn and miniature hamburger patties. Could life get any more tasty? The only catch is the average pizza in Japan is a $30US affair each so you better like whatever the fuck weirdness you order, cuz Daddy can’t afford to buy another.

I choose you PIZZAMON!

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