Shanghai Dragon: Chinese FPS That Hates on Japanese

Based on the historical occupation of China, Shanghai Dragon puts you in the role of a Chinese man fighting off the invading Japanese occupation force. For you who don’t know:

In July of 1937, the Japanese invoked one of the provisions of the Boxer Protocols of 1901 which allowed Japan and other countries to station troops east of Beijing. They held military training exercises near Peiping and, claiming that a soldier was missing, demanded the right to enter the city of Wanping. When they were refused, they bombarded the city and occupied it on July 8.

Hence this game is full of latent hatred towards the Japanese. But can you really blame them for not being a little mad, what with all the past events. I know I get pissed when people invade my personal space let alone my country. I am a beautiful butterfly that needs room to spread my wings.

Take that invaders.

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