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Asian Breakers Have No Bones

July 24, 2007

There is no doubt about it that when break dancing went to Asia, the first guy to learn was actually a human-squid hybrid. These guys do some moves that make American breakers look like they are doing the Lindy at their Grandma’s 50th b-day party. The above clip is from a show called スーパーチャンプル (Super Chample), that is like a weekly serial of You Got Served hosted by JPop group DA PUMP and actress Sarina Suzuki 鈴木紗理奈.

Features dance crews doing hip-hop, freestyle, reggae, be-bop or other styles of modern dance, these guys go team on team to see who got skills. Currently into its third season, the show is popular with its variety show format and outlandish dancers. The above video is of a Japanese crew taking on a Korean crew in battle of who has the coolest moves and hairstyles.

Catch some more dance fever in HD.


Man Vs. Wild Might Not Be So Tough

July 24, 2007

Man Vs Wild

Rumors are flying that Bear Grylls, the host and maniac on Man Vs. Wild might not be the superman he seems to be. Reports have it that Bear spends nights in hotels, is given food, and even at one point cheated. How did he cheat? Well a survivalist consultant claims that he came in and built a raft out of nothing but then the show took it, disassembled it, and had Bear put it together on the show as if he did it all alone.

The dude might be cheating in the eyes of some people but he is still crazy fucking tough. He is an ex-SAS, the youngest Briton to climb Everest and live at the age of 23, and he drank water from elephant dung. Dung. I could climb Everest if I wanted, and I eat SAS guys for breakfast, but washing down said breakfast with elephant dung water is pretty damn hardcore to me. I say no to poop water in my mouth. Check out the show’s top 10 most badass moments.

I am man.

Watch in Horror at Stupidity in Motion

July 24, 2007

They say that innovation is a good thing, that without these pioneers we do not make progress.

Now watch this and try to truthfully argue that point again, you will loose every time. Even funnier with the mute on.

Original Article, but this is too goofy to writeup.

The Superficial Undergoes Nice Redesign

July 24, 2007

The Superficial

One of my favorite places to catch all the smut on people who think they are better than yours truly is on The Superficial. Reading on how Britney’s ass looks like cottage cheese in a Hefty bag or that Kate Moss might have her soon to be disgusting sex tape leaked is always a pleasure over at The Superficial.

The new design looks great and even adds a hottest top 6 bar to help you really keep up on the gossip. No longer will you feel out of the loop when the Vietnamese girls going your nails are chatting up on how terrible Tara Reid’s tits look. Just kidding, they are actually just talking about how much your feet smell behind your back.

So fancy.

MegaMac: It’s Not Lacking Any Meat

July 24, 2007


In America there are assholes. These are the people who go eat McDonalds 5 times a week and then try to sue them when they get fat. Listen up retards, eating 1500 calorie meals will make anyone fat. It wasn’t McDonalds that did it, it was you who thought to yourself, “Man, I really need to supersize this for no reason.” Well in Japan since they know no one is dumb enough to think that the corporation is responsible for watching their caloric intake, they are free to release crazy sandwiches without fear.

I introduce an old friend that has come back to Japan. It left after McDonalds sold out of meat due to popularity and people have been craving it since. The MegaMac. Think to yourself, if one Big Mac is good, how about 2 strapped together? Awesome is the correct answer. And if you wonder how you are going to tackle this beast, check out this gallery of how to eat pictures.

Super Heart-Attack Sandwich. How-To-Eat Gallery.