Asian Breakers Have No Bones

There is no doubt about it that when break dancing went to Asia, the first guy to learn was actually a human-squid hybrid. These guys do some moves that make American breakers look like they are doing the Lindy at their Grandma’s 50th b-day party. The above clip is from a show called スーパーチャンプル (Super Chample), that is like a weekly serial of You Got Served hosted by JPop group DA PUMP and actress Sarina Suzuki 鈴木紗理奈.

Features dance crews doing hip-hop, freestyle, reggae, be-bop or other styles of modern dance, these guys go team on team to see who got skills. Currently into its third season, the show is popular with its variety show format and outlandish dancers. The above video is of a Japanese crew taking on a Korean crew in battle of who has the coolest moves and hairstyles.

Catch some more dance fever in HD.

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