Man Vs. Wild Might Not Be So Tough

Man Vs Wild

Rumors are flying that Bear Grylls, the host and maniac on Man Vs. Wild might not be the superman he seems to be. Reports have it that Bear spends nights in hotels, is given food, and even at one point cheated. How did he cheat? Well a survivalist consultant claims that he came in and built a raft out of nothing but then the show took it, disassembled it, and had Bear put it together on the show as if he did it all alone.

The dude might be cheating in the eyes of some people but he is still crazy fucking tough. He is an ex-SAS, the youngest Briton to climb Everest and live at the age of 23, and he drank water from elephant dung. Dung. I could climb Everest if I wanted, and I eat SAS guys for breakfast, but washing down said breakfast with elephant dung water is pretty damn hardcore to me. I say no to poop water in my mouth. Check out the show’s top 10 most badass moments.

I am man.

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