MegaMac: It’s Not Lacking Any Meat


In America there are assholes. These are the people who go eat McDonalds 5 times a week and then try to sue them when they get fat. Listen up retards, eating 1500 calorie meals will make anyone fat. It wasn’t McDonalds that did it, it was you who thought to yourself, “Man, I really need to supersize this for no reason.” Well in Japan since they know no one is dumb enough to think that the corporation is responsible for watching their caloric intake, they are free to release crazy sandwiches without fear.

I introduce an old friend that has come back to Japan. It left after McDonalds sold out of meat due to popularity and people have been craving it since. The MegaMac. Think to yourself, if one Big Mac is good, how about 2 strapped together? Awesome is the correct answer. And if you wonder how you are going to tackle this beast, check out this gallery of how to eat pictures.

Super Heart-Attack Sandwich. How-To-Eat Gallery.

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