It is a Reamer But What Are You Supposed to Ream?

Vegetable Ass Reamer

I like the strange, unconventional, even the perverse. But when it comes to food, I like it straight up, clean cut. But you gotta ask yourself when you see the above in someone’s hand, “where is that going?” For some reason someone at Art & Cook thought it would be a good idea to truly sully the sanctity of the kitchen with this pseudo-asstoy/citrus reamer.

Now you might still be asking yourself exactly what is a citrus reamer? Well when you have to juice some fruit by hand, say a lemon, you ream it. Ream it good. I mean you take it and slide it in, then start the reaming till the juices start flowing. Once your hand is dripping with nectar then that means it is time to go into overdrive. I am talking a full on assault till it can’t stand it and it is turned into a quivering puddle of pulp. Then you slide it out and hear that “plop” sound. I am talking about fruit here you sick freaks.

Food is sexy.

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