Japanese Train Melodies

Osaka Hikari Railstar

In America, the train system is not friendly. They are poorly labeled and nothing is on time. I have been to Boston and NYC and both were dirty messes that reeked of hobo piss. One thing that bothered me was that the only way to really know when the train was coming was to listen for the screeching sound of metal on metal as the cars careened through the tubes of concrete below the ground. There was no signal, just the sound that mimics what could only be the sound that will usher in the end of days and the rapture.

In Japan, especially when it comes to the Shinkansen (bullet train), the train not only runs on time but there are audio queues that it will be arriving. In Kyoto on the Hankyu line, there was a friendly male voice that announced the arrival of the train. On the Osaka Hikari Railstar, there was the musical melodies that played to let you know what was going on. You could hear it through out the station and so when the little chime played, you knew that it was time to run your ass off to the platform.


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