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WTW: Platform Racing

July 27, 2007

Platform Racing

On today’s episode of Weekend Time Waster is Platform Racing. MotoGP is in the thick of it, as well as the Tour De France so racing fever is spreading around. Get out some of your aggression and wave your e-penis in Platform Racing, an addictive and fun flash game.

Using the 4 arrow keys and the Spacebar, it is an all out race to the finish line. You can collect weapons which do anything from making you run faster to teleporters and guns. And the finishers get points based on place and how many people are in the race, which in turn, raise your rank and unlock new levels on which to play. Nothing sweeter than jacking over a dude just as he is about to beat you. Take that Mr. I-Beat-You-Cuz-You-Suck-Bawlz-&-Got-AIDS Man.

“Run Forest!”


Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited Features Real Size Cars

July 27, 2007

Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited

Talk about your anime that has a butt that doesn’t quit. From the blaring Eurobeat soundtrack to the attention to detail of the car’s specs, Initial D has it all. The best tie in to the series was the arcade games that featured mountain courses full of drifting and technicality. One of the coolest features was the card system it used that allowed you to race for cash and build up a car, save it to a magnetic card, and take it with you wherever you may roam.

In Japan at SEGA’s Joypolis, there is now the Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited that is featuring 90 inch screens and full size cars to sit in while you drive. No more playing on the disembodied seats and steering wheels, you got the AE86’s steering wheel and the FD35’s seat hugging you on all those hairpins….I gotta go, just checked my watch. It’s time to drift.

“Speedy Speed Boy.”

Kuchisake-Onna: Japan’s Craziest Bitch

July 27, 2007


Japan is full of monsters. From the Tengu to the Kappa, there are hundreds of monsters and demons that roam the land. The one that is freaky and actually probably true, since crazy as fuck women exist, is Kuchisake-Onna. I first heard of her from a friend in college who told me about her, a demon woman who has nothing better to do than scare the crap out of people and neuter men. She is part of a group of women afflicted with a supernatural disease that transforms them into yōkai (demon).

Kuchisake-Onna is a bit different from her brethren as she roams the land for revenge for the man who disfigured her. While most of the other ladies just scare people, Kuchisake-Onna is out for revenge, with a vengeance, a revengeance if you will. Pink Tentacle is hosting a cool video on her and there is also a group called Buildup TV in Japan who is featuring her on their Bizarre Creatures of Japan videos.

“Scary shit eh?”

Happy National Scotch Day!

July 27, 2007

Johnnie Walker

Today is one of the greatest holidays ever. Forget President’s Day, what a crock. Today is National Scotch Day, a day to celebrate that which is my favorite of all alcohols. Scotch has a long history, starting back in the fourth and fifth centuries when monks brought it along with Christianity, go figure. As you probably noticed from the above, my personal favorite for normal consumption is Johnnie Walker Black Label. Otherwise so far the fanciest has to be either Blue Label or Macallan’s 18.

The flavors, aromas, the wide palette that is experienced, all these add to the wonderfulness of Scotch. It is my choice, with Vodka close behind, to drink either mixed or just straight up. One awesome drink to try is a Blood and Sand. It makes you a hardass and that’s what the chicks love.

On the rocks.