WTW: Platform Racing

Platform Racing

On today’s episode of Weekend Time Waster is Platform Racing. MotoGP is in the thick of it, as well as the Tour De France so racing fever is spreading around. Get out some of your aggression and wave your e-penis in Platform Racing, an addictive and fun flash game.

Using the 4 arrow keys and the Spacebar, it is an all out race to the finish line. You can collect weapons which do anything from making you run faster to teleporters and guns. And the finishers get points based on place and how many people are in the race, which in turn, raise your rank and unlock new levels on which to play. Nothing sweeter than jacking over a dude just as he is about to beat you. Take that Mr. I-Beat-You-Cuz-You-Suck-Bawlz-&-Got-AIDS Man.

“Run Forest!”

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