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WTW: Fancy Pants Adventures

August 31, 2007

Fancy Pants Adventures

This one goes out to the real Fancy Pants, you know who you are. This is a great game that could easily find its way onto XBox Live or PSN due to the quality and time put into this. Fancy Pants Adventures is a full blown action/platformer with unlockables and levels. The art design is top notch so you definitely should check it out.

Hopefully you will enjoy this as much as I have along with other games at Kongregate, they have a good rating system and even a badge collection that, just like Achievements, can help you wave around your e-Penis in someone else’s face.

Man, those pants sure are fancy.


Yume Neko Smile: Japanese for “Soul Devourer”

August 31, 2007

When you stare into the abyss,
the abyss stares back at you.
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900)

The opening scene of this snuff film advertisement is one of the only times when I have truly felt that the Nietzsche quote is so true, I would think he owned a Yume Neko Smile. Yume Neko Smile or the Dream Cat Smiling is the latest machination from Sega Toys. Sporting 5 sensors, Yume Neko communicates with you just like a real cat.

All that means is that it will leave hair on your couch and not do anything, just like a real cat. The only difference is that this one harvests your life energy slowly via contact with you. Unless you look into Yume Neko’s eyes, then it is yume time for you….permanently.

Okonomiyaki, The Greatest Food Ever

August 30, 2007

Of all Japanese food, I could eat Okonomiyaki forever. What is Okonomiyaki you said? It is a batter that is very much like pancake mix, you then put items like cabbage, green onions, squid, octopus tentacles, shrimp, beef, pork, whatever you want. Cook it up and flatten it. Then cover in Okonomiyaki sauce. The rest is pure pleasure in your mouth.

My favorite is to cook it Kansai style, particularly Hiroshima style. The difference is that they like to fry up some chukamen noodles, the kind used in yakisoba, and pile the okonomiyaki on top of it. Grab a cold beer and stuff your face. I can hardly think of something better. What ever you do, don’t call it “Japanese pizza”, that is just unclassy and retarded.

Recipe for okonomiyaki.

I Like My Coffee Complicated

August 30, 2007

Coffee Cups

There is one thing that no matter how much technology man invents, it will get more complicated. That is coffee. Coffee is something that a person will figure out how to put an extra splash of something or add a measure of that. Everything else is getting easier but ordering a cup of coffee is getting harder and harder. People with their Venti non-fat half soy vanilla choco-chip blended breve 4 pump chai 2 pump raspberry quarter whip machiatto with ice in 2 cups and a dome lid.

Well for the rest of us normal people who just want coffee, there is a simple chart to help you with that. It also helps let you pick what you want. Need a little more espresso than milk, get a macchiato. Like a latte without the foam, get a flat white. I personally go for the cafe au lait. That is coffee with steamed milk. Just add some sugar and you are rocking the morning goodness.

Nescafe is actually good.

Hurdler Tries FaceJump Technique, Works Like a Charm

August 29, 2007

Face Hurdler

Athletes are always looking for new techniques to take it to the edge, to the limit. Austrian runner Guenther Weidlinger is one of these guys. He was trying to push the envelop, synergize the paradigm, make the atoms dance. During the 3,000-meter steeplechase at the World Athletic Championships in Osaka, he broke the barrier with his new FaceJump technique.

All I would be thinking, despite how much my face hurt, would be how much of a goofball I would look for failing at knowing how to jump. That would be like being found dead from not eating due to lack of owning a fork. He really should of just yelled out “I’m the Juggernaut BITCH!” and just smashed the gate down. It would of been easier.


Find Your Local Perverts with Vision 20/20

August 28, 2007

Vision 20/20

People live among people, we have neighbors and friends. But how well do you know that guy with the brown dog down the street? Or the lady with the funky colorful lawn full of flamingos? Well for all you know they might be deviant, child molesting, genital exposing, sexual assaulting freaks. Now with Vision 20/20, you can google-earth-esque look at the whose who in your neighborhood of sexual perverts.

Most people don’t realize it but they usually live close to someone who has committed a sex crime. The only good way to prevent that is to live close to a school since people that have been convicted can’t. All I know is that the crimes these people do to kids is disgusting and that they should go live on a sinking boat in the Pacific Ocean.

Gross but informative.

Hello Kitty Speculative Fiction Psychological Test

August 28, 2007

Hello Kitty Speculative Fiction Psychological Test

Hello Kitty has her paws in everything. From adult pleasure devices to psychology, there is nothing this cat can’t do. Her next foray is delving into people’s psyche and figuring out exactly why you lose at life. Wondering how come you spend every Friday night eating Cheeto’s and playing D&D in your mom’s basement and why girls don’t like you? Well now you can take this test and figure it out.

Just in case you are wondering what I scored, I got a 98.Awesome on a scale of 0 to Cool.

I’m meow psycho.