Internet “Nerd” Drives 1,300 Miles And Burns Trailer Down

Trailer Fire

In a bizarre chain of events that brings the term “flame wars” to life outside of the internets, ends in a trailer being set on fire by the guy who was called a “nerd” in an online dispute. It all started when John Anderson, who went by the screen name “Johnny Darkness,” traded barbs with Tavares, aka “PyroDice.”

Investigators say Tavares boiled over when Anderson called him a nerd and posted a digitally altered photo making Tavares look like a skinny boy in high-water pants, holding a gun and a laptop under a “Revenge of the Nerds” sign.

Tavares, showing he has nothing better to do in life, then drove 1,300 miles that ended at Anderson’s trailer, where Tavares burned the bitch to the ground. He should of done the easier thing, crushing him with his mind like I do to my adversaries. Quiet now, I’m psycho-flexing.

What a bunch of dorks.

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One Comment on “Internet “Nerd” Drives 1,300 Miles And Burns Trailer Down”

  1. coaks Says:

    “You’re so wise. You’re like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair.” – Anchorman

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