Vegansexuals Screw Only Their Kind, Normalsexuals Cry Out in Joy


Being a vegan is already strange enough, the human body is an omnivore design aka a meat-in/poop-out system if you will. Now there is nothing wrong with salad, I personally eat a good amount of grains, soy (tofu & bean form), and other weird things. Well vegans, in their bid to somehow justify they are better than others, are now only having sex with people who are vegans.

In their minds, you have a meat body if you eat meat. So considering that some vegans won’t even sit on a leather couch, they probably don’t want to touch your pork and beef filled genitalia. I say good riddance to rubbish as I for one, a meat eater extraordinaire, am not into pale, sickly, monkey looking vegans.
I need a hot girl.

Meat sex is hot.

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