Shizuoka Gurume

shizuoka gurume

Of all my passions and hobbies, there is only two things I love more than my woman. That is beer and food. Just kidding, she trumps them…barely. Nothing beats sitting down with a fine crafted beer and a well matched meal, it is heaven. A perfect example is if you happen to be on Kawaramachi Dori between Sanjo and Shijo streets in Kyoto, go to the Asahi Brewery restaurant where they actually have tanks of beer there that they tap fresh. Get a Ooki-jagu (Big Jug) 1L mug of Half/Half and some of their spicy calamari. You will be living like Buddha.

Shizuoka Gurume is a blog, in full Japanese, that covers nothing but booze and treats. From bars, beers, and whisky, this blog has it all. Beware that the site has no english and thus will be useless otherwise except for the pretty pictures.


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