Wooden Gundam, Costs Mucho Yen

Wooden Gundam

I am a big Gundam fan, I only eat cereal that has Wing Zero on the box and my bath tub is gilded in Gundanium. Now one artist is taking it old skool with his fancy, handmade wooden Gundam. No two are exactly alike and the level of detail is astounding. It stands at 300mm tall and about 180mm wide. It’s only downfall, besides a natural aversion to fire, is the price which is around $500US.

If you have ever watched Gundam, good for you. Now go watch more. If you have never seen Gundam, you sure are missing out. Political intrigue, giant mechs, and sometimes a lot of gay innuendo. Nothing like lots of feminine Japanese guys running around talking about their “Space Heart”. I am looking at you Quatre, from Gundam Wing.

Strap into a Gundam!

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