LifeBank Makes Saving Money Fun


As with an earlier post, this item has the same deal as before:

If anyone sponsors MaoChan, I will use that money to buy this piggy bank.

From Takara Tomy toy makers in the Land of the Rising Sun is a new twist on the piggy bank. Combining a tamagotchi with a money box, you get a fun way to save your hard earned nickels that you had to dance for. On the screen it shows you not only how much you have saved but there is a little man who’s life is tied to how much you have saved. He, just like you when you left high school, starts out in a shoebox apartment and as you save he ends up moving on up. He can even get a luxury pad and married.

Now granted I would love it if someone sponsors MaoChan but I do not expect it. I just want to remind people that this is all about fun and unlike other blogs who are banking on readership, I will not bend to anyone’s will. Hence what a better way to show how much fun we have here by spending our first sponsorship on junk gadgets.

Bling Bling.

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