Nonjatta, The Japanese Whisky Blog

Nonjatta, The Japanese Whisky Blog

After the long day today, hence the late posts, I sure could go for some whisky. I am a huge fan of Scotch and whisky, nothing better to drink straight up or on the rocks. The flavor and aromas just set the senses on fire, it envelops you as you slurp it down. Some of the best memories in Japan in involved whisky as you could get it just as easy as beer, even out of a vending machine.

Nonjatta is a blog that focuses on Japanese whisky. Written by the ShizuokaGurume guy, this is in english and will help you further delve into the rabbit hole that is hard alcohol. From where to buy and what are standard pricing to insure you are not getting ripped off, he covers it all. Time for some Johnny Walker Black on the rocks, just like I like my women. Covered in ice and smelling of oak and malt.

Single Malt.

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