Baby The Stars Shine Bright

That is the name of the super secret Lolita store featured in the above video. With the help of one such girl, we learn that there is more to being a Lolita than just putting on puffy dresses and accessories. It takes time, thought, and care to properly construct the perfect outfit. Otherwise you will be a walking faux pas.

Apparently there are multiple types of Lolita, some are obvious like the White & Black Lolitas. But really what the hell defines a Goth Lolita from a regular one? Are they extra sad? Have extra Cthulhu stickers? I remember seeing a Black Lolita in a comic store in Kyoto once. The most memorable thing was that she had thick legs, like the ones in a Thigh Master ad. She could probably squeeze a chicken for juice with those things.

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One Comment on “Baby The Stars Shine Bright”

  1. infinitecommunism Says:

    Well, that video makes me feel like I’ve hit my sugar tolerance for the day.

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