Sunday Weather Report For Akibahara: 95% Chance of Ladies

Akibahara Girls

Usually it is only once a millennium, when the great planets align and the incantations have been read that mass hordes of hot ladies pour over the streets. Well in Japan this happens every Sunday. After 12noon, the roads in Akibahara are closed off to cars and out come all the ladies dressed to impress. From selling their wares to advertising maid cafes, you usually can find your flavor that you particularly have a taste for.

As is standard with most guy things such as this, a girl’s popularity is an inverse ratio to how much clothes she has on. So expect to find crowds around the lesbian Pachinko mud wrestling. Funny is that if you look at the picture above, the girl is handing out what looks like flyers to the AMD Processor Matsuri. If that is the case, I want to know this. Do they parade around some silicon chips in a mikoshi or is there some temple that is entirely devoted to AMD?

“Red lips, fingertips.”

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