The Devil’s Food Dictionary

The Devil’s Food Dictionary

TUNA: Perhaps the king of all edible saltwater fish, ranging in weight from the single digits to as much as a thousand pounds. Excellent raw, cooked in any way, or canned, this sleek, majestic, powerful animal is so delicious that we have decided not to waste any of it on future generations.

Ambrose Bierce wrote the hilarious and often true Devil’s Dictionary. Now take that writing and define all manner of items found in the culinary world such as the entry for tuna above. It should provide a laugh or two. Otherwise we proved you have no soul or that you shouldn’t ever be allowed in a kitchen.

You saucy little devil.

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One Comment on “The Devil’s Food Dictionary”

  1. iankenshi Says:

    read this one back in sophomore yr in high school
    quite possibly the best book I read in my time there…

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