MaoChan Might Have to Give Up Mao For Adoption


As you probably already know, this blog is named after one tiny little kitty. She is Chairman Mao. In the short time we have had her it has been fun, annoying, cuddly, and furry.

We should of seen the signs when the place we adopted her from listed her as a him and also said she was spayed. Well it turns out she wasn’t and she went into heat. I don’t know if you have ever been around an animal in heat but it is insane and considering we live in an apartment, that makes it almost unbearable. Well she eventually got fixed and she was fine till last week. She went into heat again.

The butt humping and the “kitty-come-do-me” dance are all fine and dandy, it is the howling and screaming and meows as if she is on a Spartan battlefield that are hard to live with. Sleep is scarce and knowing that cats go into heat every 2 weeks means that we have a problem.

I talked to a vet who said that a specialist has to go into her and do an exploratory surgery to find the missing Ovarian tissue that is causing the hormone release, this surgery is in the neighborhood of $700. Yea well guess what, despite my jet set lifestyle depicted on this blog, I don’t have that kind of cash.

So it has come down to this, hopefully find a surgeon in San Antonio, Texas who is gracious enough to do the surgery, someone willing to sponsor Mao to the tune of $700 or to find Mao a new home where she can scream to her hearts content.

If you can help out on any level, let me know.

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