DIY: CRT Fishtank

CRT Fishtank

Once in college me and my friend tried to make this. He had a spare CRT monitor that when it came time to dump it I said, “FISHTANK IS GO!!” Well we then screwdrivered and hammered the bitch apart. The end result? A cathode tube lined in 4 lbs. of lead shattered on the dorm common room floor and a hand sliced open that almost needed stitches.

Instead of turning your friend’s hand into sliced bologna, use these helpful instructions to do it right. Otherwise you might end up with lead poisoning or a missing limb. Once finished, you will definitely be a hit with the ladies. Girls love animals and this tank will show how handy your are. You can then bust out great pickup lines like, “I’m so gonna mod your legs into a V.”

Bluck, Bluck Aquaman.

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