I is be Retarded?!?

I is be Retarded

Has anyone ever called you “Rainman” and meant it? Do you find yourself twitchy and without friends? Well you might have any number of mental conditions of autism. Over at MSNBC there is an online test designed by the Cambridge University that rates you and lets you know if you might exhibit classic behavior of a mentally challenged person.

You answer 50 questions about yourself and from that it calculates how much of your actions mirror that of a person with autism. Now you have to be honest, so when it says “I enjoy talking to friends”, you are going to have to admit you do not have any. And if the question comes up “My head is malformed and pumpkin shaped”, you have to agree. Otherwise Dan Abrams from MSNBC will reach through the monitor and choke you like a bitch.

What a fuckin’ tard!

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