UV Ray Detector Beads

UV Detector Beads

From our friends at Strapya, your friendly online keitai netsuke seller, comes a useful accessory for those who are afraid of skin cancer and the damage that UV rays can cause. On the bracelet are beads that when are exposed to the raw, burning passion that spews out of the manly sun, they turn colors to let you know that you are being showered in the juices of the sun.

There are a lot of people who try and justify their tanning obsession, from “I need vitamins” to “Get away from me you creep!” What most people don’t realize is that the human body only needs somewhere in the realm of a total of 15 minutes of sunlight to get your healthy dose of vitamins. So do not fret, nerds of the dark. You are probably getting just enough when you come out of your parents basement to buy Bawls and Totino’s Pizza Rolls.

“It Burns!!”

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