Toribia No Izumi: Japanese Trivia Show

There are lots of different shows in Japan but the trivia shows are the best. They bring on a panel of judges and propose to them a trivia fact like “In the Kanto region, no one can jump rope more than 55 times.” They then ask the judges to click a button, a HEY BUTTON!, that indicates how cool and interesting that fact is. They then go on to prove if it is true. The facts are sent in by viewers and it is a contest in that for every HEY! you get, you receive 100 yen.

These shows are cool, with lots of subs (in Japanese) which make for easy reading, and hilarious guest judges. Also I have never seen a more random collection of videos ever on TV. One episode I saw had a thing about busty girls in bikinis, a frog that can sing, and an old guy who could out arm wrestle a body builder. There was actually an episode with me on it and the fact that “No woman can resist me.” It was proven false, only because it turns out gender doesn’t matter, everyone thinks I am the hotness.

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