Bulletproof Baby: Not The Sequel to Bulletproof Monk

Bulletproof Baby

So a woman takes her baby for a walk and stray bullets almost hit the kid which inspired her to make bulletproof baby items. WTF!?!?! Where the hell were you walking, Compton? Watts? Oakland? My living room? If you have the money and ingenuity to make bulletproof baby items, maybe you should not walk your kid through the ghetto for a stroll. It is due to this that this site is obviously fake but still a lark to look at.

From the chemical proof crib to the baby taser, there is nothing that can’t be dual wielded by a toddler. What you still have to ask is, are we really living in a day and age such that items like these should exist? Are people so messed up that they will attack a woman with a baby? The answer is yes. Sadly it is true, we live in those times. Or you could just hire me, the personification of safety and justice. Evil doers beware.


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