Japanese Otaku Gas Tank Covers

Otaku Gas Tank Cover

I wish I was making up that text in the photo but that is actually what it says. In Japan, Otaku know how to glitz up anything with a fancy picture of their favorite anime girls. From their blenders to their cars, everything gets the treatment. You might think that these are piss poor jobs of nerds but they are actually highly detailed, well done mods on cars.

These photos were taken at Comiket, Comic Market, which is has got to be the largest anime convention in the world with over a quarter million in attendance in the 3 days it is on per year. I think I will just paint my hood of my Passat with this image from Urotsukidoji. Cuz that shit is hawt. And as the ladies say about me, “I Fuck Like A Beast”.

Hai Oku.

PS-I love you Pink Tentacle 😉

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