Tokyo Pyramid Shows Up Fuji-san

Tokyo Pyramid 2

MaoChan covered another pyramid idea before but this one trumps it royally, this pyramid will even make Fuji-san its bitch. The X-Seed 4000 is planned to stand at an awe-inspiring 13,123 feet, 700 feet higher than the real Fuji-san. It will house 1 million people and probably feed the dead to the living.

At a cost thought to be to the tune of $300-900 billion, this is really more a concept/idea than anything feasible. Sure I am all down for sinking every dollar into this behemoth task but I don’t think many other people are going to jump on as easily as I will. What would be cool is that at that height, you could do any number of things such as BASE jump or make popsicles on your window sill.

Big Pimpin’.

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