Gaijin Smash!!

Gaijin Smash

Now here is a great blog that helps demystify/bring to people’s attention another strange phenomenon that has been called the “Gaijin Smash”. What is that you ask? Well then, allow me to elaborate.

When a foreigner shows up in Japan, they are a gaijin which means foreigner in Japanese. It has a stigma to it, it is not a good word to be called as it is the Japanese way to help pronounce their xenophobia. Well when a person who is a gaijin, does something like not pay for the bus and gets away with it, it is called a gaijin smash. You can smash your way out of anything. Just start speaking english and acting like “whatever!?!” and you could probably even sit on the Emperor and get away with it.


MaoChan does not promote the use of gaijin smashing as it makes us foreigners look stupid and uncultured… but it is needed at dire moments sometimes.

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One Comment on “Gaijin Smash!!”

  1. iankenshi Says:

    didn’t you use to gaijin-smash the bus drivers in kyoto?

    i’ll have to practice my smashing waza before heading over there!

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