Halloween on the Yamanote Loop Line

Japanese Halloween

Halloween in Japan is a fun time, people dress up and all the shops get into it. I think another reason is that in the fall, it is the only holiday to celebrate as there is no such thing as Thanksgiving. As such, once Halloween is over, it kicks right into Christmas time which is cool because it really gives you time to get into the Christmas spirit. One of the coolest traditions that occurs is the infamous Yamanote Loop Line parties.

In Tokyo there is the super transit system called the subway. Unlike NYC or other major cities, the Tokyo subway is a thing of beauty. Surrounding the city in a loop is the Yamanote line. It makes a loop of Tokyo roughly every hour. Well for Halloween, all the gaijin organize and unofficial party on the train. Everyone gets dressed up, bringing booze and stereos, and then party the night away riding the loop.


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