Find Your Local Perverts with Vision 20/20

Vision 20/20

People live among people, we have neighbors and friends. But how well do you know that guy with the brown dog down the street? Or the lady with the funky colorful lawn full of flamingos? Well for all you know they might be deviant, child molesting, genital exposing, sexual assaulting freaks. Now with Vision 20/20, you can google-earth-esque look at the whose who in your neighborhood of sexual perverts.

Most people don’t realize it but they usually live close to someone who has committed a sex crime. The only good way to prevent that is to live close to a school since people that have been convicted can’t. All I know is that the crimes these people do to kids is disgusting and that they should go live on a sinking boat in the Pacific Ocean.

Gross but informative.

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