I Like My Coffee Complicated

Coffee Cups

There is one thing that no matter how much technology man invents, it will get more complicated. That is coffee. Coffee is something that a person will figure out how to put an extra splash of something or add a measure of that. Everything else is getting easier but ordering a cup of coffee is getting harder and harder. People with their Venti non-fat half soy vanilla choco-chip blended breve 4 pump chai 2 pump raspberry quarter whip machiatto with ice in 2 cups and a dome lid.

Well for the rest of us normal people who just want coffee, there is a simple chart to help you with that. It also helps let you pick what you want. Need a little more espresso than milk, get a macchiato. Like a latte without the foam, get a flat white. I personally go for the cafe au lait. That is coffee with steamed milk. Just add some sugar and you are rocking the morning goodness.

Nescafe is actually good.

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