Okonomiyaki, The Greatest Food Ever

Of all Japanese food, I could eat Okonomiyaki forever. What is Okonomiyaki you said? It is a batter that is very much like pancake mix, you then put items like cabbage, green onions, squid, octopus tentacles, shrimp, beef, pork, whatever you want. Cook it up and flatten it. Then cover in Okonomiyaki sauce. The rest is pure pleasure in your mouth.

My favorite is to cook it Kansai style, particularly Hiroshima style. The difference is that they like to fry up some chukamen noodles, the kind used in yakisoba, and pile the okonomiyaki on top of it. Grab a cold beer and stuff your face. I can hardly think of something better. What ever you do, don’t call it “Japanese pizza”, that is just unclassy and retarded.

Recipe for okonomiyaki.

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3 Comments on “Okonomiyaki, The Greatest Food Ever”

  1. iankenshi Says:

    how about “pancake omelette” ?

  2. MaoChan Says:

    How about calling it what it is, “okonomiyaki”.

    How about I call the American classic, franks and beans, fart kidneys and dicks.

  3. iankenshi Says:

    jodan jaa! at least i didn’t call it a pizza!

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