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WTW: Dark Cut

September 28, 2007

WTW Dark Cut

While it is not the longest game around, it does excel when it comes to quality. Take Trauma Center on the Nintendo DS and add a healthy shot of pirates and you get Dark Cut. This is one where I will leave it to the gameplay to boost itself. The only knock against it is that it only has 3 patients and thus it is short.


The Parade of Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes

September 28, 2007

Bad Star Wars Costumes

Let me get this out, I am a huge Star Wars fan. I have posters and beer steins, figures and puzzles. So although I am ripping on the nerds of Star Wars today, the movies will always hold a place in my heart. The fans on the other hand will receive my blunt, raw force of sarcasm and criticism.

Again, it just shows that many people should not dress up for anything. They should just hide their head in the sand while wearing a Hefty bag on their bodies to shield us from the horror. Some of them though definitely make your pants feel tight, you know they do. BOING!!

“The googles, they do nothing.”

Nerds Proving They Do Not Understand Concept of “There is a Time And a Place”

September 28, 2007

Star Wars Jedi Knights

So I stumble onto this article about how a few guys in NYC are practicing Jedi skills. They meet up and do meditation, yoga, and actual lightsaber fighting. That is actually a pretty cool way to get some exercise and to make friends, I do kendo for the same reasons. The issue I have is when you read the article and realize these guys don’t understand that there is a time and a place for everything.

From whipping out their swords and swinging them around in a Starbucks, how much more of a social hand grenade can you get. All I am saying is that if people, nerds in particular, want to be accepted in society and not laughed at, they need to stop that shit. No going to dinner parties and talking the rule revision for 4th edition D&D. No wearing that Penny Arcade shirt to funerals. Hell, people would stare at me wearing full bogu at Wal-Mart, hence I leave it to the dojo where it belongs. All they are doing is hurting all the other Star Wars nerds who know how to balance their obsession and life. I don’t want to have to hide my addition to collecting miniature Jawa figurines. They are soooooo cute!

The force is strong with him.

Live Action Halo Short

September 27, 2007

Last One Standing

Apparently everyone and their dog went out and getz tha Haloz. I didn’t and thus saved $75 and lots of frustration with scratched discs and nerds galore. I did though have time to catch an amazing clip online sponsored by the Discovery Channel. It is a promotion for the show Last One Standing, which has nothing to do with Halo, but they decided to film a live action clip of the going ons of the boys who fight alongside with Master Chief.

Interesting is that the clip comes from Neill Blomkamp, the guy who did Alive in Joburg. He was slated to direct the full length Halo movie but last rumor was that he was cut from the project. Made with help from WETA digital, this clip shows how gritty and awesome this guy can make a film and that is with a small budget let alone millions.

Blomkamp rocks.

The Fate of #756

September 26, 2007

Bonds Ball

Everyone has been in a big brouhaha over the fate of Barry Bonds’ 756th home run. Well after going to auction, it turns out that designer Marc Ecko bought the ball and opened a site to publicly decide the fate. Should it be shot into outer space forever? Send it to Cooperstown? Or send it to Cooperstown after branding the ball with a large asterisk on it. Wonder which won? I vote for an outer space voyage.

I feel that anything like this is stupid. Paying hundreds of thousands for a ball that just happen to be hit that day. “It is history” some will say. That is until someone hits 757 and then the ol’ 756 will become long forgotten. How about focusing on something that really matters like oil problems, the state of education, or me.

The results.

Say Hello to Prime Minister Fukuda

September 25, 2007

Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda

If you have been keeping up on the follies and foibles of the Japanese government, you will be glad to know that moderate lawmaker Yasuo Fukuda has taken the job of Prime Minister of Japan.

The long-ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) chose 71-year-old Fukuda as its leader to revive party fortunes after a disastrous year of scandals and election defeat under Shinzo Abe, who resigned abruptly on September 12.

Hopefully this will mark a point of stability in the Japanese government.

Change is good.

Japanese Homeless Are Doing It Right

September 25, 2007

Japanese Homeless

Above is a picture of a home of someone who is homeless in Japan. Now I know you are thinking, “Man my house isn’t that nice” and that is because you shit on the floor. In Japan, the homeless are not the deranged, mentally unbalanced freaks and freeloaders that they are here in America. They are usually people who just lost their job and can’t get back on their feet. Luckily Japan’s government has programs such as rent subsidies and job training to help them out.

The picture is actually of a shanty built in Osaka, which are quite common around the Osaka Museum of History. Being semi-permanent, it is only recently that the government has really cracked down on them being there. Most of the time, they let them live there as they do no harm to anyone. Unlike those begging intersection rapscallions here in the USA.

Happy Hobo.

My Roommate is Such a Dick!

September 25, 2007

Roommates such a Dick

I was lucky, I had good roommates in college. Even my freshman year roommate who became a hermite was cool. I didn’t end up like so many other people, living with some gross asshole that makes you hate life itself. Well if you are for some reason, now you have a public forum in which to complain and share the douchebag moments that plague you at My Roommate is Such a Dick!

One favorite is this entry:

Dear Roommate,
Puh-lease stop flexing every time you take a photo with our crew. We get it. You go to the gym. We’re all really impressed. I’m gonna start photoshopping you out if you don’t stop.

What a douche. Updated with 50% more working link.

Anime Robot Fight Flipbook

September 24, 2007

The previous post reminded me of an awesomely talented flipbook artist video I saw awhile on YouTube. Take one giant ass notepad, some pens of varying color, and a healthy dose of anime stereotypical action. The result is a robot fight featuring Voltron and Transformer type transformations and Dragonball action.

Now you probably are thinking, who the hell has this much time to devote to a flipbook? Well I can say that it is probably someone without a woman or someone who just has the skills to make something this cool. The way animation is lacking these days, they should hire this guy to do it. Be a lot better than the stupid crap you find on Saturday morning. Except Winx Club, now that is quality programming.

MaoChan Using Tags

September 24, 2007

As you probably see from above, WordPress has added tagging abilities. Think of tags like sloppy categories. They will add key words that you can search by in order to find a story. I will probably put nonsense there but hopefully some of you will find it helpful.

Should tags get adopted here on MaoChan or are they just clutter? What do you think?