Old Edo/Tokyo Panoramic Photograph


Now here is a cool look through the time vortex at Tokyo in the year 1864, 4 years before the Meiji restoration. At the time, Tokyo was called Edo and the population numbered 1.3 million. This photo is not just one of the oldest photos of Tokyo but also probably the largest, it is a nice massive panoramic that really helps convey the size of such a city at the time.

To help give some reference as to how large Tokyo was at the time, it was only in 1870 that New York City reached a population of 1 million, and Central Park just started planning in 1868. It is usually weird to think that America is such a powerhouse and yet when you look back in time, we have barely been around. Who knows, maybe people will look at that crappy polaroid you took on vacation in Detroit, MI and say “wow, it’s still a crap hole.”

Large version of photo.

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