“The Temple Explodes the Chicken Cube” Removed From Beijing Menus

Chinese Food

In an effort to help out the foreigners coming for the Olympics and also to just not seem so stupid, Beijing Tourism Bureau has released a list with 2,753 proposed names for dishes and drinks, designed to replace retarded translations that end up on menus. Government translators developed names for dishes based on one of four categories: ingredients, cooking method, taste, or the name of a person or place.

Dishes will now have normal descriptive names such as a dish with mushrooms and ducks’ feet will be listed as simply “Mushroom-Duck’s Foot.” Others proposed names include “Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil” and “Crispy Chicken.” Long gone will be the days of hilarious Chinese menu items like Salty Egg King Steams the Vegetable Sponge.

Steamed Crap.

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