Hot Rug to Match The Drapes

Heated Rug

If you hate paying your electric bill like I do, that means you probably want to buy something that will help with that. One awesome technology that is widely used in Asia but not so much in America are the heated rugs. Rather than turn on the central heating to warm up the house, the heated rug heats just the room your in. Why heat up some other rooms that you probably are not going to go into?

These things are a godsend, turn it on and they are toasty to sleep and lay out on. Perfect for snuggling up with your lady friends, imagine how easy it would be to bust a move:

“Oh are you cold? Sorry, the heat is out but you can come over here to my heated rug. That’s right, come closer…. no that isn’t my hand under your skirt.”

See, instant chick magnet. All these things need to come with is a bear skin cover and a wine bottle holder. They also help the enviroment blah blah green-eco BS blah blah. CHICK MAGNET!


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